March 16, 2020 1 min read

Every time we send a pair of denim or a jacket out the door we know that the gear is going to look the business. However, we hope and pray that they will never be used to the full extent that they have been designed for, namely hitting the tarmac. As the saying goes, “There are two motorcyclists, the ones that have hit the deck and the ones that are going to.” With riders all over the world protected by SA1NT, we get daily feedback on what happens when our gear is put the ultimate test. For the most part, we see a lot of bumps and bruises and SA1NT doing what it’s designed to do - holding strong and protecting you when things go random! In our latest feature, one of our own from NYC shares his story.



"A couple of weeks ago I was up in the Hudson Valley enjoying some twisty mountain roads before the end of the season. On my way back home, I hit a patch of wet fallen leaves and low-sided my Harley. I came down on my right side and hit pretty hard before sliding a short distance. My Unbreakables not only saved my skin, they even held up better in the crash than my leather jacket and gloves did. I walked away without a scratch; I wish I could say the same about the bike. Thanks for keeping me safe!"