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31 Awesome Gifts For Motorcycle Riders [2024]

If you want to spoil that motorcycle lover in your life, a riding-themed gift is a personal touch they're sure to appreciate.

Bikeheads are individuals who love to go against the status quo, which makes them tough to shop for, so we've put together a categorized list that includes something for just about any motorcycle enthusiast.

The perfect gift idea will capture a little bit of the rider's personality but can also be something practical for the road. That might sound impossible to get just right, but there's a ton of ideas to choose from.

Keep in mind that major motorcycle purchases like a helmet or a bike (not that you were going to buy one!) are best left for the rider themselves to make. These items have to be tailored to each individual so don't worry about them.

There are several ways you can go when choosing a gift, depending on your budget and obviously the rider them self, so check out our easy to navigate list below.


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1. Motorcycle Leather Jacket

If you want to be really popular with your riding buddy, there's no better present than a nice riding jacket. They don't come cheap, but you'll probably score yourself free rides for life.

You can grab a slick Denim Motorcycle Jacket for extra style points or stick to the classic black leather jacket if your person would prefer an old school touch. If they already own a jacket, an Armored Puffer Jacket could be handy for those cold winter rides.

2. Motorcycle Denim Vest

Denim vests are a great alternative to traditional jackets. Perfect for keeping cool in summer with a stylish retro look that captures the rebellious spirit of riders.

They're available in both a Modern Black Vest or a Traditional Blue to suit every rider's preferred look.

3. Unbreakable Motorcycle Jeans

The days of tight leather pants are well and truly in the rear-view mirror. Motorcycle owners have flocked to riding jeans as their preferred choice of lower body protection.

Motorcycle jeans not only offer great protection, but they look just like a regular pair of pants which is perfect for weekend riding. You can check out our range of motorcycle jeans here.

4. Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

A Bluetooth intercom is a fantastic gift for any motorcycle rider. They allow the driver to listen to music, the radio and make phone calls while they ride. Perfect for tuning out the noise on those long trips.

Most helmets are compatible with Bluetooth sets. There's a ton of models to choose from so you might need to do some homework. You'll be spending a few hundred dollars on a good intercom, but it's a solid choice of gift.

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5. Motorcycle Shirt

motorcycle shirt


A motorcycle t shirt isn't just a way for riders to reflect their lifestyles. Polyester jerseys are designed to be worn underneath riding gear in summer to absorb sweat and keep riders cool in the heat.

Our huge range of shirts is bound to have something to reflect any rider's unique spirit.

6. Compression Socks

compression socks


Socks are a cliché gift but they're a handy piece of motorcycle gear. Compression socks for motorcycles improve blood flow from your legs, which reduces the aches and swelling that come from those long hours in the seat.

A good pair of Moto Compression Socks is an affordable and practical gift for any long-distance rider.

7. Motorcycle Gloves

motorcycle gloves for gifting


Motorcycle gloves provide grip and protection while you ride. Our natural instinct is to stick our hands out when we fall, so they'll need to be covered.

A classic pair of SA1NT Road gloves is a solid all-round pick, but the new Inside Out CE rated moto glove are great for if you are looking for a modern glove with a retro look.

8. Armor Set

gift idea for motorcyclists - armour set


Body armor is a crucial piece of protection that many motorcyclists sadly go without. They slip right into riding jackets and pants, so it's worth finding out if they have the gear to accommodate armor before you buy any.

D30 Evo Armor is a popular choice that's both light and comfortable, and it fits into both a jacket and pants. 

9. Arm Sleeves

arm sleeves for bikers


Arm sleeves are made to shield a rider's arms from the sun, dirt and heated breezes. A good pair is lightweight, flexible, and good at absorbing sweat.

A Moto Compression Arm Sleeve can make a handy gift for someone who doesn't own one.

10. Motorcycle Care Kit

Motorcycle lovers take a lot of pride in their presentation, so why not help them keep their baby sparkling with a cleaning kit?

Bikes get dirty very quickly. They need a once-over with a cloth after every single ride and require a proper wash about every two weeks. A care kit is a gift that won't go to waste.

11. Motorcycle Backpack

Bikers always need a convenient way to store things, but any old backpack won't cut it. A good riding backpack is wind-resistant, creates minimal drag and is adjustable so it maintains a snug fit.

Keep the rider's body type and needs in mind when choosing a backpack. Some bags have pockets for laptops and water bottles, and waterproofing is always preferred.

12. Saddlebags

Saddlebags are a great gift for riders who take day trips or long journeys. They're fairly generous in storage capacity so your motorcyclist should have no problem packing everything they might need for a road trip.

Saddlebags made specifically for motorcycles can be fastened on securely for peace of mind. Some bags are made for certain bikes like cruisers or adventure bikes, so consider the kind of rider you're shopping for.

Hardshell or leather construction saddlebags are always preferred because these materials can handle damp conditions.




13. Gift Card

Still not sure what to get? A gift card probably isn't your first choice, but it sure takes the pressure off! Motorcyclists are mavericks who love to do their own thing anyway, so maybe the choice is best left to them.

Grab a Gift Card set to the amount you're comfortable spending and give your pal an excuse to spend the day at a motorcycle shop.

14. Leather Belt

A motorcycle rider hits some eye-watering speeds on the road, so they might appreciate a simple belt to keep their pants on. A high quality belt might just be the thing they need.

15. Neck Gaiter with Filter

Some motorcyclists wear neck gaiters to keep dust and pollution out of their face. In winter they prevent your face from getting cold or wind burned. Our Neck Gaiters come in black, olive and gray.


 neck gaiter


16. Portable Motorcycle Tool Kit

If your motorcyclist knows their tools, they'll appreciate a portable tool kit for quick roadside repair. These handy kits fit into standard saddlebags and backpacks and come packed with screwdrivers, torque wrenches, and pliers.

If your knowledge of motorcycle riding is minimal then stick to a universal tool kit. But if you're familiar with the motorcycle they're riding with, try to find a bike-specific kit.

17. Universal Socket

A universal socket is used for tightening up any loose screws or parts, which happens more than you would think with motorcycles. They're nice and small so it won't be an inconvenience to pack for emergency use.

18. Motorcycle Lift

Repairing motorcycles is part of owning a bike. Most riders will find themselves in the garage at some point tinkering with their bike, and a lift makes things a whole lot easier.

Elevating the bike helps for getting to those hard-to-reach places, and it saves your back from unnecessary strain.

19. Tow Dolly

Tow dollies are perfect for adventure riders who need to get their bike out to a dirt track. They only weigh about 16kg and don't take up too much space, so it's a great alternative to a tow trailer.

Even if your rider isn't the adventuring type, many motorcyclists will need to move their bike at some point. It does require a car or truck with a hitch so make sure they have one. From there you hook up the front tire of the bike and the car will carry it wherever you need to go.

20. Battery Tender

Motorcycle riders often deal with battery issues. Parasitic drain is a common problem, and bikes can lose their charge when kept in storage for too long.

A battery tender links to the bike's battery and keeps it at an optimal charge level. The best ones include sensors that know when the charge is full so it stops charging, all while operating automatically for minimum hassle.

 solo rider wearing sunglasses


21. Cute Motorcycle Enamel Pin

If your intended recipient seems to have everything they already need, it's time to think outside of the box. A cute Wing Pin that clips onto their jacket is a great add on to a motorcycle jacket or vest.

SA1NT wing pin for gifting


22. Motorcycle Keychain

A key chain is a cute, affordable present that can be tailored to a motorcyclist's personality. If you can find something that resonates with their identity as a rider, a key chain can be a small but touching gift.

23. Motorcycle Cuff Links

Cuff links might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of motorcycling, but riders are a diverse group of people.

If you know a classy person who loves to burn rubber, a sharp pair of cuff links can complement their riding attire. Look for something that matches both their character and individual style.


24. Helmet Rack

Motorcycle helmets look great but storing them can be a pain. Putting one in the wrong area can lead to potential damage and putting it in a closet still takes up lots of space.

Racks are an ideal method of storage both for convenience and so a rider can display their cool looking helmet. Putting them together and installation is relatively straightforward.

25. Motorcycle Lock

Stolen bikes are an unfortunate reality in the motorcycle world. You can help a rider out by gifting them a secure lock, so their pride and joy remains safe.

Most riders go with a disc lock or a U-lock, but the ultimate protection is a multi-piece set that includes both. There are plenty of designs and features out there so you might need to shop around.

26. Handlebar Cup Holder

This nifty gadget clips right onto a bike's handlebars and can accommodate a full-sized cup. Any rider will appreciate the convenience of having their beverage of choice at an arms-reach, whether it's coffee, tea, or just plain old water.

The best models can fit multiple cup sizes and come in great looking designs. Make sure to pair this gift with an insulated traveling cup.

27. Phone Holder

A common problem for motorcyclists is figuring out where to put their phone so it's both accessible and safe. Phone holders for bikes clamp securely onto the handlebars and make the phone easy to view.

The next time your rider gets lost or side tracked, they'll think of you when they can easily follow their GPS back to civilization. Try to get a universal model that fits any phone size, or at least something that will fit theirs.

28. Carabiner

There's no worse feeling than finishing a long ride only to realize you've lost your keys somewhere on the road. A Carabiner clips around your jeans, so you can simply attach your keys and know they're safe no matter how fast you go.


29. Scale Model Motorcycle

If you want to get creative with your gift, a miniature bike model is a great way for riders to personalize their living space. Motorcycle enthusiasts can display it either in their office or somewhere at home.

They come in heaps of models and, depending on what you're willing to spend, can look extremely impressive. Some models come pre-assembled while others require hours to put together, so keep the receiver's patience levels in mind.

30. Motorcycle Parking Sign

A motorcycle parking sign is a simple, cheap gift that's used to decorate a rider's personal space. It's a classic gift that's usually hung up in a garage but can really be put anywhere that suits.

Look for something that fits their personality and identity as a motorcyclist. There's heaps of different signs out there, so you'll be spoiled for choice.

31. Classic Motorcycle Movies

There's plenty of motorcycle cinema available for those who live and breathe riding. Films like The Motorcycle Diaries and World's Fastest Indian are classics, but you'll have no shortage of options.

If your loved one/family member would prefer a documentary, there's plenty of Moto GP content or even a touring/travel documentary to inspire their next adventure.

rider sitting next to bike


Since you've taken the time and thought to make that gift for your biker friend a little bit more special, they're certainly lucky to have you. The effort you've taken to research their niche hobby will be much appreciated.

Motorcycle riders aren't an easy bunch to shop for. For those unfamiliar with motorcycle culture, it can be a downright daunting experience, so we're always grateful for people like yourself who go that extra mile.

The gift buying process might be tough, but your biker friend is worth it. Just don't forget to cash in on a motorcycle ride!



If you want to know what to buy someone who loves motorcycles, think about that person as an individual. What kind of rider are they?

Good motorcycle gifts can be something that inspires them to do something they've been thinking about, like a day trip or heading out to a track.

It can also be something practical that they haven't got yet or wouldn't think to buy. If possible, try to grab something that's a little bit exciting. A battery tender might be useful, but is it going to wow your biker friend?


A common question for gift buyers is 'what should I get my biker friend for Christmas?'. Many people get caught up buying a Christmas gift that's seasonal and won't be of much use for the rest of the year.

Bikers ride all year-round, so great gifts will get used throughout the whole calendar year. Of course, if they really need some rain protection on their rides, feel free to grab them something like an Armored Puffer Jacket. If you know they'll love it then go with your gut.


Thankfully the days of tight leather pants are well behind us, so what accessories do bikers wear these days?

In recent years, the motorcycle industry has seen a huge explosion in the types of gear and accessories available. Our collection of denim Motorcycle Jeans is a great example of stylish, modern riding gear that can be worn casually while still packing a protective punch.

Likewise, the current range of motorcycle jackets is a killer mix of style, comfort, and safety. The styles range from denim to classic leather, so there's something out there for every rider. Make sure to explore and take a look at our collection of motorcycle jackets.

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