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The SA1NT Designers and Engineers crew have a deep experience in medical-grade compression.


We've harnessed our knowledge to deliver Moto-dedicated equipment. To enhance your comfort and heighten your riding focus. To keep you riding longer, and more comfortably with SA1NT Moto Compression.

Women's Compression Wear

Compression wear is not only limited to wearing it when riding. You can wear it when working out, doing physical activities, sports, jogging, running, and more. It is designed to give you longer-lasting power no matter what activity you do. For all types of work, it is a great product to have by your side. The compression should be comfortable and fit perfectly.

SA1NT also has compression for women, to enhance performance when riding or when training. Perfect for any type of track, whether you're riding or reaching your fitter goals. There is no level that you can't reach

Our Compression is designed to apply medical pressure to most fatigue-prone parts of your body. Perfect for either recovery or lifting. Our compression will support you, just like we have your back. From tights to socks.

Our range of moto compression arm sleeves, men's compression motorcycle tights, and women's compression motorcycle tights will keep you resilient and fully recovered, ready for that next ride.


What is the point of a compression sleeve?

The point of a compression sleeve is to draw moisture away from the skin, which gives away heat as well. In the process, overall body temperature is reduced, which relieves pressure on the athlete's metabolism, conserves energy, increases blood pressure, and lessens muscle soreness. 

How long should I wear a compression sleeve on my arm?

You should wear your compression sleeve on your arm during the day, during your most active hours. It must be removed at night time. The SA1NT compression sleeves are easy to put on and off.

How tight should compression sleeves be?

Compression sleeves shouldn't be too tight, just enough so you can have the freedom of movement but also feel the pressure. You want them tight enough to give you compressive properties, but not tight enough to pinch you and cut off blood circulation.

Do compression tights help with soreness?

Compression sleeves do help with soreness, as it encourages your body to recover, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, and damage. Wearing compression pants after a workout can help reduce the soreness that comes on not long after an intense workout. 

When should you wear compression tights?

You should wear your compression garments during the day or better yet during your exercises or main activities. Whether it's exercise, riding, or casual everyday activities. Make sure to have breaks from the compressions and take them off before going to bed.