Nothing is more resilient than the human spirit. SA1NT celebrates the strength in people and draws inspiration from their stories and experiences. We embody this strength in each or our designs, creating tough, durable, dependable products for UNBREAKABLE people. Tough products for tough people.


SA1NT evolved from a mission to design apparel without compromise. Originally developed for motorcycle riders, SA1NT was built on a passion to innovate technical fabrics and fuse them with everyday style and comfort. In the past, riders either sacrificed style for safety or worse, safety for style. SA1NT eliminated this compromise by introducing the world’s first single layer, CE approved motorcycle denim. Tailored style, UNBREAKABLE strength.

The result of more than 12 months of research and development, SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim was the world’s first CE approved, single layer denim. Blending denim with Dyneema®, (the same fibre that tethers space shuttles, armours helicopters and stops bullets), SA1NT created a fabric capable of sliding down the road for 6 seconds, without compromising comfort and style.