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SA1NT Supports women in skilled trades, that's why we designed and engineered women's trade wear for work.


Ranging from women's t-shirts and accessories to tough denim work pants and HI-VIS lightweight work wear. SA1NT offers a comfortable wide selection of women's trade ranges.


Lightweight, 100% Cotton, perfectly weighted at 170 GSM and designed for women. No holding back on these tees. We wear, we wash and we test these tees over and over. The result is hand on heart, SA1NT brand quality.

A SA1NT t-shirt is a wardrobe staple for women. The perfect tee for casual wear, work wear, or on a night out. If the temperature drops, SA1NT always has your back. With our heavyweight 380 GSM hoodies and sweater for ultimate warmth and comfort. If you're looking for something heavier and warmer, a Women's SA1NT Tough Puffer Packet will keep you snug as if you're beside a campfire.

SA1NT Hoodies and Sweaters will have you snug, whether on the bike or the work site. The Women's Hoodie is perfect for those cold, crisp mornings with a cup of coffee. A 380gsm heavyweight brushed fleece, featuring a structured pullover hood, you’ll stay warm on even the coldest of days.

Women's SA1NT Tough Puffer Packet has Durable Water Repellent (DWR) so you can be protected against all weathers and terrains when sipping coffee on a worksite. With a Cordura nylon exterior, it is a jacket that will endure the toughest work environments. Filled with a recycled synthetic down fill, this jacket will keep you warm for days on end.


Dyneema, the same material that makes up our Unbreakable Motorcycle Jeans is being used in our trades wear range. An industrial super dense, super lightweight fibre that is used in cranes, fishing, paragliding, and more uses. That same material is what makes up our work denim jeans.

Hard-wearing women's trades and works jeans are perfect for any type of work. It comes with reflective 3M dual stripes on the thighs and near the cuffs. A tough Hi-Vis work pant for any trade.

Our Women's lightweight cuffed and uncuffed pants are the most utilized pant you can have. Perfect for a jog, lounge, work, trade work, office work, or just about anything you put it through. The lightweight range will fit just about anyone's shape'. It will give hardworking women flexibility and breathability when doing any task.

Made from a renewable source, Sorona twill fabric, this is a next-gen work pant for women that was engineered by SA1NT. 


Where can I find Tradeswear for women?

You can find tradewear for women through many online stores, although beware of corporate attire when searching for women's workwear. SA1NT offers a wide range of trades wear for women of all types, shapes, and sizes. From tops and jackets to jeans and work pants.