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SA1NT's 2024 Guide to Motorcycle Fashion

Motorcycles and style have always been a perfect match. There's something badass and empowering about throwing on a cool motorcycle jacket, or trying out a new piece of gear for the very first time.

But for those who love motorcycles, we know it takes a few extra steps to properly suit up. Protection is still the name of the game after all, so how do you find that perfect balance between safety and style?

We've put together the ultimate guide for motorcycling style in 2024, so you can stay protected without compromising that classic biker look. Take your wardrobe to the next level with these pro tips from Sa1nt.

Tips on How to Look Cool on a Motorcycle:

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1- Wear a sharp looking helmet

We'll start with the helmet, because you've got to wear one anyway, right? Motorcycle helmets sometimes get a bad rap because they're bulky and often leave you with messy helmet hair, but there's no reason a helmet can't look good.

For the ladies, go with as little makeup as possible whenever you plan to ride. It usually doesn't end well if you go all out then put on a helmet, so leave the false eyelashes for another time.

There are plenty of styles to choose from when it comes to helmets. You can go with a 3/4 motorcycle helmet that covers only 3/4 of your face as the name suggests, or a German design that wears sort of like a bicycle helmet.

You've got plenty of retro and modern designs to suit any style, but at SA1NT we always recommend going with a full face helmet. They might be a little bit bulky, but there's nothing better in terms of safety. 3/4 and half face helmets leave a significant part of your face exposed to the world and any mishaps that might come your way.

So grab something that's slick, reflects your personal style and protects your noggin all at once.

2- Wear layers to look cool in every situation

Layers are great not only because they look good, but they give you some versatility in what you wear. If it starts raining then you've got plenty of warmth. If things heat up you can just remove a layer and enjoy the sunshine.

Whether you're rocking an old school leather jacket or a slick bomber jacket, layering up is the perfect way to put your own spin on a motorcycle outfit. Speaking of jackets, it's the most important piece of motorcycle gear you'll get so choose wisely!

A riding jacket should reflect your own sense of identity and style, while still keeping you safe and comfortable. Yes, that leather jacket might look cool, but do you actually like wearing leather? Choose carefully, because the jacket will define your whole outfit.

You can check out our full range of riding jackets here, or check out our jacket buying guide if you don't know where to start.


3-Get a comfortable pair of riding pants

Remember the old days when you had no choice but to wear those tight, uncomfortable leather pants? Well thankfully that's a thing of the past. Motorcycle fashion has come a long way in the last few years, and comfy pants are one of the best things to come out of it.

A good pair of riding jeans is the perfect compliment to any outfit. You can easily find motorcycle pants that look just like a normal pair of jeans without skimping on protection, so you'll look good both on and off the bike.

If you're not sure where to start, try browsing our range of motorcycle pants here.

4- Motorcycle Boots are important too

Motorcycle boots are one of the most forgotten pieces of gear, but they're just as important as anything else mentioned here. Your boots are what keeps your feet firmly on the pedals, and making the wrong choice of footwear could lead to balancing issues.

You can find boots specifically made for motorcycles, but a good pair of sturdy boots will still do the job. It probably goes without saying, but don't wear high heels or anything with open toes! That goes for anyone you're riding with as well.

So whatever you go with, make sure it's sturdy and will help keep your feet firmly on the pedals. Try to get yourself a pair of boots, because there's really nothing better for the job.

5- Add a pair of motorcycle gloves

A slick pair of motorcycle gloves won't just look cool but they're functional as well. Think about it, what is the first thing we do when we fall? Stick out our hands. A pair of proper riding gloves will not only keep your hands protected, but improves your grip on the bike's controls.

Riding gloves come in a range of colors and styles. Leather is one of the most popular fabrics, but you can find designs like mesh gloves that keep your hands cooler in summer. For our money, there's nothing better than black when it comes to gloves.

6- Don’t forget your sunglasses

Is a motorcycle outfit even complete without the sunglasses? A cool pair of shades will be the cherry on top of your look, and they protect your eyes from things like dust and bugs as well. Just make sure that they're compatible with your helmet before finalizing your look.

Look Cool On A Motorcycle with SA1NT

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  • Armored bomber jacket: The perfect complement to throw over a t-shirt or jumper, this stylish jacket is fitted with removable limb protectors on the shoulders and elbows and a pocket to fit back armor as well.

  • Force slim armored jean: Fashion jeans that still meet a rigorous class AA rating for motorcycle standards. Equipped with hip and knee protectors to put the odds in your favor when things go random.

  • SA1NT inside-out gloves: A timeless leather design with hidden knuckle and palm CE protection. Comfortable and tough, these are modern gloves with a retro look that will please any kind of rider.


What should you not wear on a motorcycle?

We've talked about what makes a great riding outfit, but what should you not wear on a motorcycle? We'll start with footwear. Avoid fashion shoes like high heels or anything that is open-toed. Your feet connect you to the motorcycle, and only a sturdy pair of boots will ensure that you stay balanced.

Shorts and skirts are also a big no-no. Exposing your legs to the elements can mean seriously bad business if worst comes to worst. Grab a pair of proper riding pants if you plan to keep the skin on your legs.

Wearing a t-shirt or tank top is fine if it's underneath a motorcycle jacket, but never by itself. We don't care how many people you've seen doing it. They're most likely amateurs or idiots. Probably both. Any exposed skin is going to get shredded if lady luck turns against you, so put the odds in your favor by gearing up the right way.

What is the best color to wear when riding a motorcycle?

What is the best color to wear when riding a motorcycle? It's subjective and will depend on the rider, but it's just so damn hard to beat anything in black. Black goes with everything! Whether it's a helmet, jacket or pants, everyone looks good riding in black.

Of course, we should mention that wearing bright colors is the best way to make yourself seen on the road. If you still want to wear black that's completely fine. Just throw on a high-vis vest or some reflective tape if you don't want to compromise your look entirely.

What is the biker look?

What exactly is the 'biker look'? Most people would associate the biker look with leather and bandanas, and while that's certainly an option, the biker look is whatever the hell you want it to be! Who says you have to conform to a particular style?

The beauty of modern riding fashion is that there's so much to choose from. When it comes to perfecting your look, there's nothing better than doing your own thing. A riding outfit is all about who you are, and reflecting your own personal brand.

How do you look badass on a motorcycle?

So how do you look badass on a motorcycle? The most obvious place to start is the jacket. There's nothing more badass than a cool riding jacket. Whether it's denim, leather or something else, there are so many cool jackets to choose from.

A badass helmet/sunglasses combination is also important if you want to complete the look. Just make sure that your helmet and sunnies are compatible before finalizing your style. Lastly, a slick pair of riding gloves and motorcycle pants will ensure that you're decked out from top to bottom and looking the part.

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