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7 Reasons To Wear a Leather Motorcycle Jacket | SA1NT

Sa1nt is famous worldwide for its innovation in high-tech, space-age denim, but we still love a classic leather jacket.

Leather jackets and motorcycles are the ultimate combinations. Wearing leather is not only stylish but a statement of unbreakable spirit and living life on the extreme edge. No other piece of clothing carries the same aura and mystique. A leather jacket says that you're ready to take on the world.

If you're still on the fence about wearing leather motorcycle gear and need some more info, we've got you covered. Leather jackets aren't just about style. They have a whole range of benefits that make them so popular with riders.

So, let's run through the pros of wearing leather and answer any lingering questions you might have.


Honestly, motorcycle jackets look so good that you don't even need a reason to wear one, but a good riding jacket keeps you protected from serious injuries. Motorcyclists wear riding jackets to literally save their skin on the road.

Motorcycle jackets also shield you from the elements of nature while riding. Flying at high speeds produces some serious wind, and a good jacket blocks out the chill. They also protect you from airborne objects like rocks kicked up by passing cars.

If you ride a motorcycle then you probably know the risks involved, and you're the type of person who makes the most out of life and operates at full throttle regardless. Sa1nt's mission is to armor the risk-takers. There's no reason you can't live life on the edge and keep protected while you do it.

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Some riders choose to wear leather jackets because they're seriously tough. Leather is still the king when it comes to protecting your skin, which is the whole point of wearing a motorcycle jacket after all. Other materials still do a good job, but leather sits firmly at the top of the mountain.

Many motorcyclists also wear leather because it just looks badass. Let's face it, motorcycle riding is all about style, and there's no better feeling than throwing on a slick leather jacket and tearing down the road at full throttle. It's the most empowering piece of riding gear you'll ever own.

Leather has an old-school, timeless look that just makes you feel invincible when you throw it on. There's no other gear quite like it. Whether riding with a motorcycle club or flying solo, a leather jacket is sure to impress.



Riding gear should be a reflection of your individual spirit and personality. Bikers wear leather jackets because they're the ultimate statement of style and living life on the edge. And since black looks good with everything, you can pair your leather jacket with just about any pair of pants and hit the road.

Some riders even wear pink leather jackets to show their support for breast cancer awareness. If you have a loved one who's been affected by breast cancer, or just want to show some support regardless, you can always go against the grain and ditch black for pink.


Leather is the material when it comes to crash protection. While some fabrics like Dyneema come close, leather will give you the best overall protection against major injuries. A sudden stop at high speed can send riders sliding along the road, and leather will literally have your back by preventing serious road rash.

If you decide to grab yourself a leather jacket, make sure it's real leather. Some people mistakenly believe that fake leather can be substituted for the real deal, but it simply won't give you the same protection as the genuine thing.

Make sure to grab a jacket with armor pockets included. Body armor should always be fitted around the shoulders, elbows, and along your back for optimal protection.


Leather's tough properties also make it great for dealing with harsh weather. While it's not waterproof, a leather jacket repels water so it doesn't creep into your clothes or touch your skin. Just remember to treat and condition it if it does get wet.

The wind is the real culprit when it comes to feeling chilly on the bike, and leather will keep you snug and insulated during those frosty winter rides. If you're worried about heating up in summer, you can even find special leather jackets especially built for better airflow.


Motorcycle riders are always looking for ways to make their passion more convenient, and leather jackets offer some great storage options. Most come with interior pockets to keep your valuables safe while riding, and zippers so you won't need to stress about anything flying out while riding at eye-watering speeds.


There's no reason you can't look like a badass and still be comfortable. A motorcycle leather jacket is not only easy to wear but easily removable once you're done riding. You'll need to give it time to break in, but the beauty of leather is that it forms around your body for a nice tailored fit.

Poor-fitting clothing can make you feel exhausted on long rides, so make sure to grab the right size. Just like a regular leather jacket, a tight fit is key, because leather stretches over time and starts to loosen. So keep it tight but not too tight.


Unlike most other materials, leather is made to last for years and will outlive pretty much any textile jacket. With the proper care and maintenance, a leather jacket might even last a lifetime. But to be more realistic, expect 10-20 years, unlike textile gear which has a lifespan of 5-10 years.

In this case, you get what you give. Buying an expensive leather jacket might sting your wallet at first, but if it lasts you for two decades, you've saved in the long run! So be wary of the cheaper options.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to clean and treat your leather jacket every other day. The maintenance is actually pretty simple, and well worth the extra years you'll get out of your gear.

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Leather is great and plenty of riders love it, but maybe it's just not for you. Fortunately, there are heaps of alternatives out there.

Textile jackets are popular, and affordable and offer a ton of versatility. The materials most often used for them are referred to as ballistic nylon, which greatly reduces heat by optimizing airflow.

A good textile jacket still keeps you well-protected in a motorcycle accident. The latest high-tech fabrics are tough enough to rival leather while being much lighter.

Textile gear more closely resembles the look of an everyday jacket, so if the intensity of leather doesn't match your style, you'll have plenty of more understated options. Perfect if you plan to wear your jacket off the bike as well.

If you're looking for water-resistant options, you've got lots to choose from. An armored puffer jacket will keep you warm right through winter, or you can just throw an anorak over any jacket to stay dry.

If you need more info, check out our article on leather vs textile motorcycle jackets.


Old-school leather jackets are a solid choice of riding gear. They look badass, they're tough as nails, and they form around your body for a perfectly tailored fit.

Sa1nt's Black Leather Jacket is a combination of the classic look of leather, made with high-quality material that feels incredible around your skin. Our extremely tough leather will protect you and still feel amazing. We aim to provide safety without compromising comfort.

If leather isn't your thing, our denim jackets and vests are hugely popular alternatives. Sa1nt has online delivery and 30-day returns, so you can make sure you love what you wear.

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