"Before taking off on one of my bucket list motorcycle trips I wanted to find some armoured jeans to keep me safe for such a long trip. After wearing SA1NT's technical denim vest for a solid year…which has made its way to being my absolute favourite vest in design as well as fit…I decided it was time to put their jeans to the test.

I picked up a pair of the Model 1 jeans which are single layer and come with removable armour in the knees and hips. The single layer construction felt as if I had been wearing a regular pair of jeans and the flex joints in the knees made sitting on the bike for hundreds of miles every day more comfortable than I could have imagined. 
Six full days of riding, camping, partying, meeting amazing people, site seeing and overall having the best trip of my life I was thankful everything went so perfect and smooth. 

Two days after thousands of miles, heading to work early in the morning merging onto the freeway I hit two large piles of gravel and slid out doing 55mph sliding on my butt, elbow and hands. The road rash on my elbow easily shows how bad the slide was on the asphalt and rocky gravel but I was blown away sliding just as much on my butt I didn’t get a single tear through the denim. 

The crash bars, hand guards and skateboard rack saved my bike as it slid away towards the freeway but I was able to pop up, wipe off the blood on my arm, pick up my bike and hop back on the freeway and rip back to work. Had I not been wearing the SA1NT Model 1 jeans my ass would have been just as bad as my elbow. 

I will never own any other motorcycle denim other than SA1NT.…from everyday travel around town, road trips, enduro trips on my Suzuki DRZ…They will be my only choice."
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