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  • SA1NT WR Anorak - Saint USA
    SA1NT WR Anorak - Saint USA
    SA1NT WR Anorak
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SA1NT Men's Workwear Jackets and vests have a range of pieces for every event, whether you're hard at work or on a night out.


Our workwear will keep you working for longer and are tougher than your regular jackets. You can work in the harshest environments without the fear of damaging it.

Our men's work jackets will keep you warm and snug in the coldest of winter weather and will have you ready for any terrain and occasion. Whether you're working in the grittiest environments or need a piece for when you're going out after work.

You can wear our workwear every day and it will not fail you, no matter what you do, it will hold out. Choose a range of our products such as trucker jackets to puffer jackets and chore coats to wool jackets. We have a variety of jackets of different shapes of sizes.



What are the best work jackets?

What makes the best work jacket is its versatility, durability, and comfort, it all narrows down to your preference and type of work. At SA1NT, we have a wide range of workwear jackets for you to choose from, from tough Cordura puffer jackets to chore coats.

What is a worker jacket?

What makes a worker jacket is defined by its versatility and durability, two things that are important in workwear. Also named a chore jacket, the worker jacket has versatility in terms of pockets and utility. It needs to be able to store tools, accessories, equipment, and durability in terms of toughness against abrasion, scratch and tear resistance, and weathering.

The SA1NT chore coat is a good example of a worker jacket, perfect for the winter, has many pockets, and has a durable cotton canvas outer.

Are work jackets in style?

Work jackets are in style as it has integrated themselves with casual wear, modern-day work jackets have become so comfortable and versatile and have even become part of fashion. Some wear it for comfort, safety, and utility, some wear it as a fashion piece or as part of a uniform.

How do I style my workwear?

There are many ways to style your workwear, it comes down to what is your preferred style and wears for comfort. You can choose something such as the SA1NT Tough Puffer Jacket, perfect for work as it provides versatility and keeps you warm and protected against the weather and terrains.

What is considered workwear?

Workwear is considered to be clothing that is intended for manual labor. Often those employed within trade industries appoint to be outfitted in workwear because it is built to provide durability, utility, comfort, and safety.