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  • Twill Short - Light Stone - Saint USA
    Twill Short - Light Stone - Saint USA
    Twill Short - Light Stone
    $10.00 $70.00
  • Twill Short - Black - Saint USA
    Twill Short - Black - Saint USA
    Twill Short - Black
    $10.00 $70.00
  • Lightweight Short - Sand - Saint USA
    Lightweight Short - Sand - Saint USA
    Lightweight Short - Sand
    $10.00 $55.00
  • Workwear Cargo Short - Light Stone - Saint USA
    Workwear Cargo Short - Light Stone - Saint USA
    Workwear Cargo Short - Light Stone
    $10.00 $89.00
  • Workwear Cargo Short - Black - Saint USA
    Workwear Cargo Short - Black - Saint USA
    Workwear Cargo Short - Black
    $10.00 $89.00

Men's Workwear Shorts, from tough denim and cargo shorts to lightweight stretchy and breathable work shorts.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of shorts for work or play, men's work shorts are a great option. With our versatile designs and comfortable fits, men's work shorts are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. Add on your favorite workwear shirt and you can create a versatile and stylish look that's perfect for any occasion. 

Different types of work shorts offer different features and benefits. So it's important to do some research before choosing a pair that works best for you. Featured SA1NT Lightweight shorts are perfect for hot summer days or for layering under a pair of pants in cooler weather. Our lightweight shorts are made with Sorona® twill fabric making them quick-dry and have a good stretch. They are comfortable and allow you to move freely.

If you're looking for a pair of shorts that will stand up to tough wear and tear, then Durable shorts are the way to go. Fused with the world's strongest fiber Dyneema®, our twill shorts are built to last, ideal for active jobs or for workers who need extra protection.

Men's work shorts

Finally, if you're looking for something a little different, try a pair of Utility shorts. These shorts have extra pockets and features that make them perfect for carrying all your essentials while you're on the go. Our work cargo shorts are also fused with Dyneema® and are an ideal choice for summer workwear as they keep you cool while working.

Our workwear shorts are a great choice for anyone who needs snug and durable work clothing. They're built with high-quality materials that are both tough and flexible, so they'll last through years of hard use without falling apart or becoming uncomfortable. And because our shorts focus on comfort as much as durability, you'll find them easy to wear all day long.


Should shorts be skin tight?

Shorts should not be skin tight, you need comfort, flexibility, and airflow during hotter working days, skin-tight shorts risk damage by stretching or ripping and risk poor blood circulation and airflow. SA1NT shorts usually have a good fit and have good durability and stretch.

Is twill like denim?

Twill is like denim, as it refers to a range of fabrics in a weave pattern, all denim is twill as it is a woven dyed fabric, but not all twill is denim as it can be made from different fabrics other than denim. At SA1NT we offer a wide range of twill products that not only offer style but are tougher than your regular clothes. 

Are cargo shorts good for work?

Cargo shorts are good for work, they have many utility pockets to store your equipment and tools in, whether it be your phone, tape measure, or utility tools, it's nice to have them within reach. SA1NT Cargo work shorts provide you with plenty of pockets to store those essentials so you can perform your job more effectively.

What length of shorts should I wear?

The length of shorts that you should wear is really up to personal preference, some like it longer, some like it shorter. A good tip for shorter shorts is approximately two thumbs above the top of the kneecap, a sweet spot for most shorts. SA1NT caters to both shorter and longer variations of shorts, so you can always find a perfect pair.