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March 16, 2020 1 min read

Whether it's two wheels or one (predominately one), resident 'Wheelie King', Trent Woken, lives on the edge of fear and exhilaration. While out riding, things went random and he was forced to put his Model 1 jeans to the test. 


"I was out was practising doughnuts and sliding around on my Harley, pushing the bike into snakey's (sideways skids) when I pushed things too far and ended up high siding at about 60km/h. I came over the top of my bike and slid down the road for 10 metres. I was wearing the SA1NT Model 1 road jeans which took the full impact of the ground and then withstood the slide perfectly. My knees came up without a scratch and I was straight back on the bike for the rest of the day - I wish the bike was wearing Model 1s too!"

— Trent Woken