Those SA1NT Jeans Literally Saved My Skin 

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco, which meant a beautiful ride up Highway One. For those of you not familiar, the ride includes Highway 101 crosses the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cutting over from Sausalito up and down Mount Tamalpais to Stinson Beach, along Bolinas and Tomales Bay, and back. Picturesque stops in western towns offering cappuccinos and olallieberry pie — or fresh oysters if you’re craving something savoury — only add to the draw, which is why this road sees thousands of throttle-loving riders every year.

I finished my halfway-point cinnamon roll at Tomales Bakery and began the journey back home. Bolinas Lagoon was on my right, I was slowing down and beginning to lean left on the twisty road when a fox darted out from around the blind curve. Nicking him, I laid my bike down and slid on my left side for about 40 feet. Fortunately, this curve had a patch of land before the lagoon began, and I ended up in the stubby grass and rocks, glad my bike and I didn’t slide into the water.

Standing up, I was afraid to check myself for damage, but upon inspection, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Saint jeans had no signs of the fall aside from a handful of small holes on my left leg. Since I was also wearing a heavy leather jacket, boots, and gloves, I was able to walk away from that accident, pick my bike up, and continue home.

My Triumph Thruxton was not so lucky — it was totalled out. But bikes can be rebought; flesh and bone not so easily. Those Saint jeans literally saved my skin that day, so I could see another day with my body intact. You never know what’s around the corner, but if you’re protected, at least you can walk away from it.


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