Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

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  • Women's Unbreakable Jacket (armor pockets) - Saint USA
    Women's Unbreakable Jacket (armor pockets) - Saint USA
    Women's Unbreakable Jacket (armor pockets)
  • SA1NT WR Anorak - Saint USA
    SA1NT WR Anorak - Saint USA
    SA1NT WR Anorak
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Ditch the ugly and unbearable basic women's motowear. SA1NT Women's Motorcycle Jackets & Tops are designed to break the rules of traditional women’s moto wear.

SA1NT engineered Unbreakable jackets by taking the world's strongest fiber with an advanced weave. We bring a jacket that brings various styles to women who are passionate about riding. protecting our riders without compromising any appearance on the road. Make the jacket CE Certified by sliding in D30 Armour in the mesh pockets.

For our fellow women, we have you covered on and off your cruise, having a good ladies' motorcycle jacket is an essential piece of safety gear. With the right gear, you can stay protected on the road, focus on enjoying your cruise, and know that you're serving the looks.

Women's Motorcycle Jacket

Our jacked has your back, tour with faith when wearing our infused with the Dyneema fiber. 5.9-second slide-time denim jacket, which becomes an AA-certified protected garment when D30® Ghost armor and back armor are in and loaded. Hate looking bulky but need the protection? SA1NT is looking out for you, providing comfortable gear at no expense. We guarantee it will be stylish when it's on you and will last years.

Water resistant WR Anorak

Protection against bursts and abrasion is not the only thing we specialize in, we know that rain shielding is one of the features that riders love. We also have our quality DWR coated rainwater-resistant anorak for those rainy days. It’s lightweight and packable so it is easy to travel with. This coat has great versatility, making it suitable for any woman's needs. Whether you like hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity that requires staying dry or use it as a styling piece.

Heavy 380-GSM Crews and Hoodies

If you're looking for more of a lifestyle piece, our wide range of pullover crewnecks and hoodies are perfect for that casual look. They are a 380gsm heavyweight yet breathable cotton-polyester brushed fleece to give you the look, feel, and warmth of quality material. This is a versatile piece for women, perfect for crisp morning riding or any type of work.

Layer one of our women's tees under a cardigan or flannel for a preppy warm touch with a nice style. Our tops come in both tees and tanks, and they look great paired with trousers or skirts. Whether you're looking for something dressy or casual, we have the tops you need to create the perfect outfit.

Motorcycle Gear

When shopping for a motorcycle jacket for the first time, there are several things you'll want to keep in mind. First is safety. Look for a jacket that is constructed from durable materials and features built-in armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back. You'll also want to make sure the jacket fits but is not so tight that it inhibits your movement.

Caring for your moto jacket is simple. Most jackets can be spot cleaned as needed, and many are machine washable. When washing your jacket, be sure to use cold water and avoid using bleach or other harsh laundry detergents. You'll also want to make sure to hang your jacket to dry, as placing it in the dryer can damage the waterproofing of the material.


Can textile motorcycle jackets be washed?

Textile Motorcycle Jackets can be washed but it varies on the materials it consists of, such as Cordura, Kevlar, Dyneema, etc. Brands have different cleaning methods, the SA1NT Unbreakable Riding Jacket is a textile jacket that has to be hand washed with cold water. 

Are biker jackets supposed to be tight?

Biker Jackers are not supposed to be tight, as you need a good balance of comfort and protection when you ride. Having the jacket too loose and you lose the protective aspect of the garment, so you must always aim to have a snug fit. 

What materials are used to make jackets?

The materials that are used to make jackets are leather or other synthetic materials such as Kevlar, Cordura, or Dyneema. The SA1NT Unbreakable Jacket uses the Dyneema Fibres to create a lightweight, high abrasion, and burst-resistant riding jacket.

How should a motorcycle jacket fit on a woman?

A motorcycle jacket should fit snugly on a woman, it shouldn't be too tight as it will restrict movement, and having it too loose could be dangerous as it could cling onto anything. The sleeves should also hit you above your thumb knuckle and make sure that it is not too low on the waistline to maintain comfort.