We often get asked why we use Dyneema® over Kevlar®. Apart from being a lot stronger, there are some other big reasons we choose to use Dyneema® to strengthen our denim.

1) Kevlar® states it is five times stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis and Dyneema® boasts an impressive 15 times stronger.

2) If you've worn Kevlar® denim before, you'll know they can get pretty hot and heavy. With our Dyneema® denim being a single layer the lightweight feel and soft touch make for ultimate comfort.

3 ) When it comes to keeping cool on a hot summer day you can't go past the cooling effects of Dyneema®. The fibres stay cool against the skin and do not trap air, allowing your skin to breathe. Dyneema® also doesn't absorb water which means it will wick moisture and sweat away from your skin. Kevlar® won’t let your skin breathe as well and tends to absorb moisture.

4) The environmental value. We slow down the fast fashion cycle by making tougher and more durable denim garments, which means you won’t be replacing them as often. Longer lasting fabric properties, delivering longer garment life, and being more environmentally considerate.

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