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Denim Jeans would have to be one of the world’s most popular items of clothing. I practically live in them. Unfortunately, my journey to find the perfect pair of motorcycle jeans has been a rocky one. Whether it’s due to the materials used or their design, I’ve been unable to find a pair that I consider on par with my favourite streetwear jeans; at least until now.

I feel a close connection to the SA1NT Motowear range. They started out on a hot desk in a workshop space I used to manage in Melbourne. I had the opportunity to watch their garments be designed and tested first hand. Since then they’ve come a seriously long way. Along with offering a solid range of riding gear they now sell workwear that provides the same levels of protection as their Motowear. I’ve tried several pairs of their motorcycle jeans in the past, but it’s their new Unbreakable Stretch Slim Jeans that really suit my needs.

What makes the SA1NT Unbreakable Stretch Slim Jeans so special?

It’s all in the fit and style. I realise that may sound like my requirements for motorcycle jeans are all out of whack, but let me explain. These days there are countless brands leveraging the use of tech fabrics in their protective riding wear. From Kevlar to Cordura, Dyneema and everything in between. Each of these fabrics has its pro’s and cons and the amount used in each garment determines it’s durability. So while protection is always a priority with the riding gear I wear, finding items that meet or exceed modern safety standards isn’t all that difficult. What has become a bigger challenge is finding jeans that can competently double as everyday wear.

“Our Unbreakable stretch jean is the most advanced denim on the planet. Woven with Dyneema the same fibre that stops bullets, tethers space shuttles and armours helicopters.” – SA1NT

SA1NT has always desired to be recognised as a fashion brand. Their marketing focuses on the lifestyle that surrounds bikes and the fashion that is associated with them. So when it comes to making riding gear, style is just as much a priority as safety at SA1NT HQ.

These jeans were developed by riders so they are designed with rider comfort and function in mind. As far as styling goes the Unbreakable Stretch Slim Jeans fit close on the thigh and relax around the lower calf and ankle. They are a snug fit but certainly not by Iggy Pop standards. The jeans utilise a classic 5 pocket design and offer plenty of length in the leg so you can roll the cuff if that’s your thing. SA1NT tend to use a deep pocket design on their jeans which will keep your wallet or phone from going awol while riding. Branding is minimal with the most noticeable feature being a bright orange winged emblem on the back pocket. The Unbreakable Stretch Slim Jeans are available in both black and a light bleached blue finish. 

These motorcycle jeans are thicker and heavier than regular denim equivalents. It’s what you’d expect (and want) considering their intended purpose. Despite the extra thickness the jeans stretch well so comfort while riding is not compromised. The jeans also feel surprisingly cool despite their density. This is due to the heat dissipation properties of Dyneema. As for safety, the material used in these jeans received a AA Darmstadt rating for its impact abrasion resistance. It features a 25% Dyneema blend which equates to about 45m of slide protection.

What’s the catch? SA1NT doesn’t offer the ability to add extra armour into these motorcycle jeans, which may be a downside for some. They are also quite expensive at around 400 EUR which makes them a premium product. However, if I’m dropping big dollars on protective jeans I want to know I can wear them comfortably all day. My motorcycle is my primary mode of transport so it’s important for me that my riding jeans function well both on and off the bike. It seems that SA1NT had the same goal in mind because that’s exactly what their Unbreakable Stretch Slim Jeans deliver.



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