Five guys, 49cc monkey bikes and the worlds toughest motowear…

This doesn’t really sound like a good
recipe for taking on the deserts, rocky roads and Atlas Mountains of Morocco; but
armed with Saint gear that is exactly what we did.

The event was 60 individuals strong, ran by
the Adventurists, which took off from a location just outside of the small town
of Merzougah located the Sahara desert. 
Over a 6-day period we were to race towards, or in many cases in the
wrong direction of, a finish line on the outskirts of Marrakesh.  With no set route, no GPS, no support vehicle;
just you and a 49cc motorbike of glory (if you can all it that) with everything
you needed strapped to a luggage rack the size of a cigarette packet. 

Over the days that unfolded we covered over
800km. Rode though dunes and sandstorms, took paths through vacant land as a
more adventurous route than the main roads we could see in the distance.  We ascended mountains to elevations over
2900m, where a slow walking turtle could have passed us as we steadily climbed,
before hitting the downhills at what felt like warp speed on these miniature
bikes.  We  shared pathways with camels and donkeys, ran
out of cash, had roadside repairs, things fell off along the way and we
continued on.